Getting Started
  • Why should I order from you?
    • We offer the best quality at low prices.
    • Our ordering process is easy and convenient.
    • We check your order before we print (banding, etc.)

Orders and Returns

Learn more about our orders and returns process.

  • Can I get a custom size canvas?

    Yes. We can do any size canvas you want.

  • Where do I upload the images I would like printed?

    After you have successfully purchased your product(s), an upload feature will appear post-checkout where you can upload the image(s) you would like printed – per product.

    Alternatively, you can visit your Orders page under ‘My Account’ and click on your order to find the upload feature available.

    Upload feature

    Example of an upload box for a particular order, i.e. 260gsm, 6×8, Fine Art Prints.

    Please click on the ‘Add Files’ button to choose which artwork you would like to upload for printing.

    Optional: Add a comment to you order in this upload section – before you click ‘Add Files’.

  • What are the recommended artwork upload specifications?

    JPG (High Resolution JPEG)

    File Tips: Set the size in proportion to the exact size you are ordering. It makes our lives easier and we can process your order faster.

  • What goes on the sides of my canvas?

    Normal pictures are two-dimensional, whereas canvases are three-dimensional. So for the edges, you can:

    • have the edges mirror blurred (blurred mirror) most popular choice
    • have the original image extended (image wrap)

    If you have important features on the canvas, we suggest you take the blurred mirror finish option so you don’t lose any of the important parts of the image in the wrap.

    For all other images, you can go with either of the options.

  • What if the color on the canvas is not as I expected?

    Our printers are calibrated accurately to print right colors. Our products are printed RGB, and we will make every effort to match the color of your design.

  • What is your refund policy?

    If you find any defect in our print, we will make it perfect for you. This includes any manufacturer’s defects such as scratches, etc. If this occurs, we will either replace your canvas print or fix it at our cost.

    The only exception is the colour issue. We will make every effort to match the color of your photographs, but in rare cases some colors might have some variation. This will not be considered production error. We will not issue refunds, nor accept returns for misunderstandings due to color, depth, or tone.

    We are not responsible for differences, either real or perceived, between the appearance of the product on your screen and the final printed piece.

Shipping and Delivery

Learn more about our shipping costs and delivery methods

  • How much does shipping cost?

    We use Fastway to deliver all our goods.

    • €8 for canvas orders
    • €6 to €8 for only prints orders

    Shipping charges will vary on product and quantity purchased. Detailed shipping charges can be seen on the checkout page.

  • How long does delivery take?

    Our products are generally printed in 48 hours. Depending on the type of shipping method selected, it takes 1-3 business days.

  • Do you ship outside Ireland?

    Yes. Please contact us for shipping information to locations outside Ireland.